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Blue10 automates your accounting

Blue10 customers feel in control on their accounting department because they automate their Accounts Payable process from contract to payment. With our software, on average invoices are approved 5 to 10 days faster, invoices are paid to suppliers on time and the end of month closing is finally in control. Our customers make better decisions because they rely on current figures.

Blue10 automates repetitive work, guards the completeness and quality of your accounting, and provides users with context, for example when approving or retrieving invoices and contracts. Blue10; your digital assistant within your accounting department.

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From manual to

digital invoice processing

We believe that automation is only a means and not the goal in itself. It is a powerful tool for making repetitive tasks faster, more efficient and more accurate. By automating repetitive administrative work, you no longer have to enter data manually. This shifts the focus from the mundane inputting of data to the effective use, or the “output” of the data for analysis and improvement of administrative processes.

 Manual processing of invoices

Time-consuming ❌

Error sensitive ❌

Unclear ❌

Physical archive Space ❌

Digital processing of invoices

✅ Cost Saving

✅ Clear

✅ Space-saving

✅ Environmentally friendly

Discover Blue10

With Blue10, booking documents, such as invoices, packing slips and receipts, come together in one system and are seamlessly incorporated into the financial administration. In addition, invoices can be easily forwarded in the organization for the desired approval and are quickly and easily retrieved in the digital archive.

Factuurverwerking in de cloud

Invoice processing in the cloud

Access to Blue10 anytime, anywhere

Even if you are not at the office, you can easily book, check and approve invoices. No matter what your day looks like, whether you have a sick child at home, or waiting for a mechanic to fix your car or you are on the move, Blue 10 is still available and accessible via internet connection, so you can keep on top of your admin tasks no matter where you are.

Self-learning document recognition

No more manual typing but automatic recognition

The retyping of invoice information is a thing of the past. Thanks to OCR, the most important data of incoming invoices is automatically captured. With machine learning, patterns in data are discovered and the system learns to recognize invoice data more and more.

Zelflerende documentherkenning
Onbeperkt aantal gebruikers en administraties

Unlimited number of users and administrations

Collaborate online in one place

In Blue10, you can create an unlimited number of administrations and users. Moreover, you do not have to be a user in the accounting system to be able to work with Blue10. Furthermore, all subscriptions include free support and help with the start-up of Blue10.

Digitally sending and approving invoices

Easily automate the approval flow

No more paper invoices that circulate between different departments in the organization. With Blue10, all invoices are digitally processed and invoices can be quickly and easily approved. This way you always have full control over the invoice flow within your organization.

digitaal rondsturen en goedkeuren van facturen

Contract Management

All of your contracts available in one place and always up-to-date

With Blue10 Contract Management one manages every contract and associated agreement in one central place. Upload contracts and receive automated notifications at important moments, e.g. when a contract is about to expire. This allows you to keep a grip on your organisation’s agreements made. In addition, these timely notifications give organisations the time to renew a contract on time under the right conditions, to find another supplier or to cancel in time when a service is no longer in use.

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From small to a large company, Blue10 is for every organization

From small to a large company, Blue10 is for every organization

Whether you receive many (tens of thousands) or few (hundreds) of invoices annually, automatic processing offers benefits for every organization. We have therefore made Blue10 accessible to every organization with different subscriptions, depending on the functions you wish to use and the number of invoices that you process annually. There are no investment costs, so you can make use of Blue 10 subscriptions at low cost starting as of €29,31 per month.

Blue10 – Scan & Capture

As from €29,31

Per month

For accountants, administrative offices and small to medium-sized enterprises that wish to make the administration of invoices quick and easy.

Blue10 – SME

As from €43,97

Per month

For organizations that wish to digitally circulate and approve invoices internally, in addition to Scan & Capture

Blue10 – Enterprise

As from €64,49

Per month

For organizations that wish to further optimize their internal processes alongside Scan & Capture, as well as the digital circulation and approval of invoices

Find the Blue10 subscription that best suits your organization!

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For companies that want to have more insight in the administrative process I would recommend Blue10.

JolandaController at Stichting AAP

If I would recommend Blue10 to other companies? I have already done that!

RobinManager at McDonald's

Blue10 is so delightfully simple and user-friendly, and at the same time the system does exactly what it is: providing insight into your invoices anytime, anywhere.

JanController at Lucardi Juwelier

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