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Lucardi is the largest chain of jewellers in The Netherlands with a total of 95 shops and a web shop. Jan van Lagen, financial controller for Lucardi Juwelier, enthusiastically tells of the advantages Lucardi realizes by working with Blue10.

Invoices are no longer copied

Jan says: ‘We have not been working with Blue10 for that long, although it feels as if the paper process is ancient history. Since the beginning of this year we have been working with Blue10 and I have really noticed that we lost so much time on the ‘old’ paper processing of invoices. It occurred regularly that we lost an invoice within the organisation. To prevent this, all invoices that arrived digitally were printed two-fold. Even if the invoice arrived by mail, it was first copied before the invoice went through the organisation.’

The choice of Blue10 was easily made
‘In the past we looked for possibilities for starting to process invoices digitally. Every time, the biggest hurdle would be the extent of the investment we would have to make. Until I was made aware of Blue10 at a dinner for CFOs. After a short demonstration, we were sold on Blue10.’

What are the main advantages of working with Blue10?
The double printing of invoices was to ensure that the administration department had a complete archive of invoices they could access. With the help of Blue10, the task of printing and copying of invoices is made redundant. In Blue10 every user, of course with the appropriate authorisation, is able to find his or her invoices anywhere and at any time.’

Blue10 is a young and driven company
Jan says the following with regards to the contact between Lucardi Juweliers and Blue10: ‘Everything about Blue10 tells you that it is a young company, with youthful, enthusiastic and driven people. The moment you have a question, you are always able to call the service desk and are almost always helped immediately. If necessary, they will have a look with TeamViewer at what you are doing and help you in that way. We are very satisfied about the use of Blue10 and the collaboration with Blue10. Since our start, I have only heard positive reactions from our organisation. I really recommend this to everyone, it is so easy.’

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