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The user-friendliness of the system, the simplicity and the well-arranged archive were the key factors for us in choosing Blue10.


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The AAP Foundation has been a rescue centre for monkeys and other exotic mammals such as raccoons, prairie dogs and nose bears for over 40 years. Hundreds of discarded, neglected or abused animals from all over Europe find a safe home every year.

The AAP Foundation processes around 4,500 invoices annually. Until recently this was done manually. Now invoices at both their offices (The Netherlands and Spain) are automatically processed with Blue10.

Lost invoices
Jolanda de Vries of the AAP Foundation recalls: “The process was a cumbersome one for us. When the invoices arrived, they were stamped, then coded for posting and finally entered manually into the accounting system. These invoices were then placed into different folders and a notification sent via the mailbox of the relevant approver.” Due to this tiresome process, sometimes an invoice was lost or misplaced, thus payment could not be made in time. This led to diligent noting of their vendors terms for expired payment periods. “To prevent payment reminders and accruing extra costs for late payments, we started looking for a smarter solution that facilitates the automatic processing of invoices. This is how we found Blue10.”

Functional Changes in the role as a controller

“In a way, my work as a controller has improved. With Blue10 I have more insight into the numbers and invoices. Previously I had to search all the folders whereas now I have the right invoice in front of me with one click. I can also immediately see who the invoice went to, what was said about the invoice and who approved the invoice. This gives me insight into the total process.” With Blue10, Jolanda no longer has to worry about the approval of invoices by the right person: “We have authorized the approval of invoices in terms of amount. Now I know for sure that the invoice is actually approved by the authorized person and that the invoice cannot be paid by just anybody.”

Simple and well-arranged

“The user-friendliness of the system, the simplicity and the well-arranged archive were the key factors for us in choosing Blue10. The advantage is that Blue10 is an online solution and requires no investment. The rates are based on monthly subscriptions and you pay according to consumption. Updates are made automatically, which relieves pressure on the IT department. This saves time and money and makes us less dependent on the IT department. Blue10 always works (-knock on wood- of course;)). With us, invoices often go to two or three different people. Therefore it is very handy that we can add an unlimited number of users. This means that you do not pay anything extra if you want to create a user. I recommend Blue10 to companies that want more insight into their administrative process. Blue10 offers the user-friendliness and simplicity that you can expect from such a solution.”

Nice contact

The contact with Blue10 is easy, Jolanda tells us: “When I ask a question I always get a quick answer. The service desk employees have a great deal of knowledge on the product and the customer’s problems. Sometimes the service employee cannot answer my question directly. They then communicate my question or problem internally and return to me as quickly as they can. I find this very professional. I am glad that they take the time to solve an issue internally and  do not just give a quick response which would still not really answer the question. In addition, Blue10 regularly calls to ask if everything is still satisfactory and whether there are things that customers encounter.” The AAP Foundation finds this very pleasant.

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