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Contract Management with Blue10

Do you feel like you’re missing an overview of current contracts in your organisation? Are contracts ever automatically renewed without you being aware of it? With Blue10 you manage all contracts and associated agreements in one central place. In addition, you receive automated notifications when you have to follow up a task or when a contract is close to expiring.

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How Contract Management works

With Blue10 Contract Management your organisation has one central place for all your contracts. This is how it works:


Upload your contracts

After contracts have been uploaded, Blue10 automatically recognizes all relevant values, important conditions and the associated rates. You don't have to do anything after uploading contracts; we ensure correct capturing of your contracts.

Receive notifications

In Blue10, you receive a timely notification when you have to follow up an appointment or when a contract expires. This allows you to keep a grip on your organisation’s agreements made. In addition, these timely notifications give organisations the time to renew a contract on time under the right conditions, to find another supplier or to cancel in time when a service is no longer in use.

Receive suitable proposals for extending a contract

When a contract is close to expiring, you can choose to receive a new proposal from our affiliated supplier network. The proposal request is automatically set out within the linked supplier network based on the most important criteria for your organisation. The most suitable proposals will then automatically appear in your Blue10 environment, after which you are able to decide whether or not to accept one of them or whether a contract is concluded elsewhere for the service in question.
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All of your contracts in one overview

All of your organization’s contracts are available in one place. For example, here you can see at a glance which contracts require attention or will soon expire.

Immediate capturing of every contract

You don't have to do anything after uploading contracts; we ensure correct capturing of your contracts, including important conditions and associated rates.

Everything arranged on time

Whenever a contract is close to expiring, Blue10 will help you with smart notifications. This way, we prevent unwanted renewals or payments for services your organisation no longer uses.

Receive a proposal quickly and easily

When a contract expires, you can easily request a new proposal in Blue10 for the implementation of the relevant service. The request is based on the most important criteria for your organisation’s wishes, and is automatically placed within our fast-growing supplier network. You will receive the most suitable proposals in your Blue10 environment to make a quick and easy comparison. It goes without saying that you decide whether you want to accept one of our proposals or conclude the contract somewhere else. We do, of course, recommend that you upload the new contract in Blue10 😉.

I want to make a proposal request

No uploaded contracts yet, but interested in receiving suitable proposals?

Even if you do not (yet) manage your contracts in Blue10, we provide the opportunity to request a proposal for a number of service categories without obligation. More categories will be added in the coming months, as the growth of the supplier network progresses.

By filling in the form, you submit a non-binding proposal request to Blue10, which we distribute within our affiliated supplier network. Within a few working days you will receive an overview with the most suitable proposals for your organization.

P.s. Will you promise to record the contract resulting from this quote request in Blue10 😉…?

Simple, user-friendly, practical and affordable.

These were the four key elements that we took into account, 10 years ago, when developing Blue10. These four elements are still the central core of the product today:

Software must be simple, childishly simple

Software is only good enough if it is childishly easy to apply and you know within five minutes what you can use it for.

User-friendly in everything we do

At Blue10 we continue to look for ways to improve, simplify or even fully automate new parts of the administrative work process.

Practical solutions for complex processes

Complex processes require simple methods. Making things easier, that is what we stand for in everything we do.

An affordable solution with no high investment costs

A simple and transparent pricing model on a monthly subscription basis.

We are proud of our customers!

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“Wij zien de noodzaak en voordelen om te digitaliseren en we zijn blij om te zien dat veel cliënten dat helemaal met ons eens zijn”

MichielAccountant, U Adviseurs & Accountants