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Blue10 digitale factuurverwerking

Blue10 27th in the Saas100

This month, the Saas100 of 2022 was announced. This list consists of the hundred best performing SaaS companies in the Netherlands. The creators looked at companies with a turnover of…

Blue10 Christmas initiatives of 2021

Team Blue10 delivers 300 Christmas gifts December is the perfect month for companies to give business gifts as a gesture of gratitude for the pleasant cooperation in the previous year.…

2021 in retrospect

At the end of each year, many people usually take a moment to reflect on all the events, challenges and successes of the previous period. The past year undoubtedly has…
Thumbnail 50e blue10'erNieuws

The 50th Blue10 employee

You grow together. In view of the growth of our organization, we celebrated the 50th Blue10 employee in October. At Blue10 we always celebrate successes together and we celebrated this…