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Automated invoice processing

with Blue10 Invoice Management

Are invoices still being processed manually in your organization? Not only is this time consuming, it is also prone to errors. Have you asked yourself “Can’t this process be made easier or simpler?” Our answer: “Yes, with Blue10.”

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How Blue10 works

With Blue10, booking documents, such as invoices, packing slips and receipts, come together in one system and are seamlessly incorporated into the financial administration. In addition, invoices can be easily forwarded in the organization for the desired approval and are quickly and easily retrieved in the digital archive.


Incoming accounting documentation

All accounting documents, such as invoices (paper, pdf and UBL) and receipts, come together in one system. Every customer has his/her/its own e-mail address where they receive the financial documents. Besides an e-mail address, you can use the Blue10 App to scan paper invoices and receipts with your phone, instantly digitizing them for quicker processing.

Capturing and posting of documents

Blue10 automatically captures relevant invoice data and generates a posting proposal for the direct processing of invoices in your financial administration.


With Blue10 it is possible to have an invoice digitally checked by one or more employees. Employees can compare invoices directly with previous invoices from the same supplier, approve them, ask questions, post comments and / or add attachments to the scanned invoice.

Digital archive

It goes without saying that all your invoices are available in a digital archive. By applying one or more filters you will immediately be able to locate the invoice you are looking for.


We offer Blue10 in several monthly subscriptions: Scan & Capture, SME and Enterprise. Which subscription best suits your organization depends on the desired functionalities you want to get started with. The price of your subscription will be determined on the basis of the number of documents you process with Blue10 per month.

Standard included in each subscription of Blue10:

Unlimited number of users and administrations

Blue10 allows the number of users and administrations to be unlimited. Moreover, you do not have to be a user in the accounting system to be able to work with Blue10


On our support website you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions as well as an extensive description of (new) functions. If you have questions about the use of Blue10, our support team is eager and ready to assist you.

Easy start

Starting with Blue10 is simple. It is implemented remotely and we guide you through the software online. However, should you prefer a consultant on location, then please feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

Digital archive

In Blue10, invoices are kept for 12 years. By this function alone, you as an organization, automatically comply with the legal obligation in The Netherlands to retain documentation for a set number of years.

Functionalities of Scan & Capture

Blue10 – Scan & Capture

For accountants, administrative offices and small to medium-sized enterprises that wish to make their invoice processes quick and easy.

Self-learning document capture

Thanks to OCR, the most important data of incoming invoices is automatically captured. With machine learning, patterns in data are discovered and the system learns to recognize invoice data more and more.

Use of the app to add invoices

With the Blue10 app you take photos of individual invoices and (packing) receipts and upload them directly to your administration in Blue10.

Processing of all types of invoices

Whether you receive invoices on paper, digitally (pdf) or electronically (UBL or XML), In Blue10 they come together in one system and you process them quickly and easily in your administration.

Adjustable e-mail address per administration, per document type

In Blue10 you have the possibility to set an e-mail address per administration and per document type to receive invoices or other documents. This allows you to link booking documents directly to the correct administration.

Extra functionalities on top of Scan & Capture

Blue10 – SME

For organizations that wish to digitally circulate and approve invoices internally, in addition to Scan & Capture.

Circulation & approval of invoices

With Blue10 it is possible to have an invoice digitally checked by one or more employees. Employees can compare invoices directly with previous invoices from the same supplier, approve them, ask questions, post comments and / or add attachments to the scanned invoice.

Unlimited number of users successively in an approval flow

When processing an invoice, routes for the approval flow can be set at supplier level. You can set up an unlimited number of steps per approval flow. Each step contains an action that is linked to a person within the organization. As soon as an invoice is ready to approve, the relevant person will receive notification.

Linking receipts to invoices

In Blue10 you have the possibility to scan packing slips and invoices independently of each other and then link them together in Blue10. With this you can easily compare packing slips and invoices and you have a complete digital archive.

Automatic blocking and unblocking of invoices for payment*

In Blue10 it is possible to book invoices directly in the accounting system. Block the booking for payment until it is approved in Blue10 by the designated person. By unblocking the booking for payment, the invoice ends up in your accounting system on the payment advice list and you no longer need to check manually which invoices may or may not be paid.

*If functionality is available in your accounting system

Purchase order matching*

By matching purchase invoices with orders / purchase orders and booked receipts registered in your accounting system, invoices that match can be directly booked in your administration. Any differences in numbers and amounts are immediately visible and can easily be solved in Blue10.

* Adjusting differences in numbers and amounts in Blue10 is only possible for users of Exact Globe and Exact Online. Users of MS Dynamics NAV have the advantage of automatically matching and booking invoices, but have to resolve any differences in the accounting system.

Extra functionalities on top of Scan & Capture and SME

Blue10 – Enterprise

For organizations that wish to further optimize their internal processes in addition to Scan & Capture together with digital circulation and the approval of invoices.

Integration via Azure AD or Google Workspace

By using Azure AD or Google Workspace as a authentication method the authentication of user(s) becomes even easier and more secure. The integration with Azure AD or Google Workspace allows user(s) to log in once with a company account, after which the user(s) automatically has access to multiple business applications. In addition, as a system administrator, you can manage user(s) centrally and you can deactivate a staff member who is out of service in all systems that are linked via Azure AD or Google Workspace in one go.

Access to data for creating reports

With read access to your own database, you can use your own data from Blue10 for creating reports in Excel or in a BI Tool that you already use.

Real-time Power Bi reports

Through the use of standard dashboards in Power BI you will gain more insight into the processes surrounding your purchase invoices. This could include dashboards that could provide information about: the matching of invoices with purchase orders, the number of invoices processed per period, suppliers, employees, the throughput of invoices in your organization and more.

Simple, user-friendly, practical and affordable.

These were the four key elements that we took into account, 10 years ago, when developing Blue10. These four elements are still the central core of the product today:

Software must be simple, childishly simple

Software is only good enough if it is childishly easy to apply and you know within five minutes what you can use it for.

User-friendly in everything we do

At Blue10 we continue to look for ways to improve, simplify or even fully automate new parts of the administrative work process.

Practical solutions for complex processes

Complex processes require simple methods. Making things easier, that is what we stand for in everything we do.

An affordable solution with no high investment costs

A simple and transparent pricing model on a monthly subscription basis.

We are proud of our customers!

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By using Blue10, a part of the customer’s internal processes are outsourced. Our customers should be able to fully rely on our software and services. To ensure this, an annual audit takes place by an independent IT audit organisation. Blue10 has various certifications and statements.