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Robin Bergacker is the Financial Manager at Van Mameren Management Pvt. Ltd. As a holding company, Mameren is a franchisee of various McDonald's restaurants. By automating their invoice processing via Blue10, the signature concept of McDonald's , namely being ‘fast’ has also been introduced to their administrative procedures.
In this reference, Robin talks about the benefits that they have gained using Blue10 and how this has made him think about their own internal process control.

Can’t this be easier? 
Robin reflects on the procedure prior to using Blue10: ‘Previously, the invoices were received by mail at the relevant McDonald’s branch. Of course, the responsible purchaser also had to check the invoice.’ The paper invoice then ended up at the trust office for an initial approval for payment. ‘Sometimes an invoice slipped through the cracks’, Robin admits. After approval of the invoice, this had to be booked manually in the accounting system and it was also paid for outside the system. ‘A cumbersome process,’ he recalls. ’We were triggered to find a digital solution, due to the growth of the number of branches which spread across the country. This impacted our processing as the forwarding of invoices took up too much time. More and more the question arose: Can’t this be easier? ‘. 

More than a solution to a problem
Robin talks about the search for the right solution for Van Mameren Management: ‘If you are ready to switch to digital invoice processing, you need to find a user-friendly solution that is also affordable. Initially we  started to compare a number of companies offering automated solutions. With one company, the price was a problem and with another I just did not get the right feeling.’ 

Robin, then realised he needed to look at the whole process, which was his deciding factor. ‘With Blue10 I immediately got a good feeling. The Blue10 account manager understood the matter at hand. He looked beyond just a solution to a problem and instead, directed me to look deeper at the bigger picture of how the internal processes were organized. ‘

It’s like adorning a Christmas tree
Robin talks about the smooth start-up of Blue10: ‘After piloting Blue10 in one of our restaurants we were so enthusiastic that we immediately started with Blue10 at all the other locations. Initially, the service desk helped us along the way with the design of the system.  Then we tackled it on our own without much help. With this ‘’hands on’’ approach we learned to work with the system and find out that it is really user-friendly.’ 

Robin makes a special comparison. ’Working with Blue10 is like decorating a Christmas tree. You begin at the bottom, making sure its stable and secure. Then you work your way up, decorating and adjusting until the peak is perfectly adorned. This was the case with Blue10! As we work with it we encounter and discover new functionalities that are of interest to us. 

Working with Blue10, Van Mameren Management had to face some hard facts. ‘We were forced to think carefully about the structure of our internal processes. In practice, our procedures did not turn out to be optimal. Together with Blue10 we thought about the various possibilities and functionalities to optimally manage our internal processes. ‘ 

Opportunities for SMEs
When asked if Robin would recommend Blue10 to other companies, he was clear to state: ‘In fact, I have already done that! I sat at a table with two other franchise companies. They were curious to know more about how I conducted my administration. After they saw the system they were enthusiastic and came to the conclusion that with Blue10 you hardly have to worry about  invoice processing.’  

Robin gives an explanation as to why not all companies in the SME sector take the step: ‘Often the companies are ignorant and cannot see what the added value can be when using an automated invoice processing system. To be honest, I was also ignorant at first. So there is still a chance for many SMEs to grab hold of this opportunity.’

Working efficiently
Van Mameren Management has already realized many benefits with Blue10: “With Blue10, we gained time, not only can our accountant be more productive and efficient with her time, I  have also benefited by efficiently managing mine. Prior to working with Blue10, whenever a query came from a supplier, I had to literally walk to the cupboard, manually look up the supplier’s invoice, shift through various tabs, get his folder out, answer his query, and return the folder back to the cupboard. The big advantage now, is that I can look up any invoice I want on my screen with a click of a button. By clicking “history”  I can see where the invoice is and what has been said about it.’ 

Blue10 stores invoices for a minimum period of 10 years. So you always have an online backup in both Blue10 and Exact Globe. This brings several advantages for the organization: ‘First of all, there is a sense of safety in having a digital archive as storage. Should there ever be a fire, I would still have access to the online backup. Another advantage, for me personally, is the ability to be able to work from home, when I need to, especially if  my children are out of school.’ 

Process your invoices anytime and anywhere
Robin tells us why he is so enthusiastic about Blue10: ‘The expertise and customer-friendliness of Blue10 employees is an important point for me. If the service desk employee cannot answer a question directly, they do not give me a nonsense story. They then check it internally and come back to me as soon as possible. This is very professional and corresponds with my own values.’ 

Robin also talks about the monthly tips and tricks: ‘Blue10 shares a lot of knowledge through the fun and useful tips & tricks. This way you read useful tips and you continue to optimize the process. The Blue10 system is therefore so flexible that it is easy to set up. His colleagues are also enthusiastic: ‘ I’ve never heard a complaint from them. They can now process invoices and approve them when it suits them. With an internet connection it is possible to work with Blue10, wherever they are. Of course still sticking to a deadline;). ’ The users receive a notification mail with how many invoices they have to approve so that they are clear on what their workload is. 

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