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Discover the story behind Blue10

At Blue10, we believe that by giving people their own responsibility, a freedom and opportunity is created for work satisfaction. Establishing a variation between activities is key and thus repetitive work is kept to a minimum.

Over Blue10
Our mission: to always challenge (yourself)!

At Blue10, we believe that you should offer people the freedom of work satisfaction based on their own responsibility, whereby variation between activities is central and repetitive work is kept to a minimum. An organization can help its people achieve this by automating repetitive work as much as possible. This creates time and space for them to take on other, more challenging activities, so that they continue to develop themselves and can get the best out of themselves step by step. We believe that this is not only good for the people, but that the organization as a whole will benefit.

Who we are

We are Blue10; an enthusiastic, quirky and fast-growing organization. We have a strong drive to get the best out of ourselves every day, striving for the highest level of simplicity, both within our organization and in the cloud software that we offer. We are constantly looking for possibilities to simplify or even automate new parts of administrative processes. We look around us, we listen to the feedback we receive and therefore learn every day. We are convinced that software must be user-friendly and childishly simple and we are taking steps every day towards even more simplicity and user-friendliness.

What do we help you with?

Administrative work processes largely consist of repetitive activities and are therefore very suitable for automation. Blue10 helps organizations with cloud software for automating administrative processes, such as the digital processing of purchase and sales invoices, delivery notes and receipts. This makes Blue10 your assistant in financial administration, where you keep control and overview of the various administrative processes within the organization.

The origin of Blue10

2023: 15 years of Blue10!

In November 2023, we reach a celebratory milestone: Blue10 turns 15! We extensively celebrated this anniversary with all Blue10 team members during a weekend in Breda. Additionally, we raised our glasses together to toast the opening of the brand-new floors at Blue10. The entire 9th, 8th, and half of the 7th floor have undergone a transformation. While our growth continues, our solutions are never complete. We remain committed to ongoing development and are still brimming with new ideas...

2022: Blue10 acquires FinTech startup Spense

With the addition of Contract Management software, Blue10 customers can now link (procurement) contracts to incoming invoices. This makes the invoice processing more efficient and provides organizations with greater control over the procurement process and associated expenses. Contract Management was a highly requested feature among our customers, and with the acquisition of Spense, we are off to a flying start, enabling us to offer customers a comprehensive product in the field of Contract Management right away.

2021: 50 employees

With a growing number of clients and the subsequent increase in the volume of documents processed within Blue10, the expansion and further professionalization of our organization are essential. In 2021, Blue10 welcomed its 50th team member, marking a milestone worth acknowledging. It's a moment to reflect on all the other remarkable achievements that have led us to this point. Our office at HNK is starting to feel quite cramped due to this growth...

2021: Co-sponsor of Sparta Rotterdam

In 2021, Blue10 proudly became a co-sponsor of the oldest professional football club in the Netherlands: Sparta Rotterdam. The Blue10 logo takes its place on the players' match shorts, making a prominent appearance. Additionally, Blue10 is featured on various boards during matches at Het Kasteel, Sparta's home ground. Blue10 eagerly anticipates shaping its growth ambitions and social projects in collaboration with Sparta Rotterdam. From now on, it's Blue10, the Spartan way!

2018: Blue10 10 years!

We reached a festive milestone in November 2018: Blue10 has been around for 10 years! This anniversary was extensively celebrated with our customers, partners and relations in our HNK office. From our office in The Hague we continue to develop our solutions and we continue to challenge ourselves every day to further automate administrative work processes for our customers. Our growth continues, but our solutions are never finished. We continue to develop ourselves and are still full of new ideas ...

2016: New office

What we haven’t mentioned yet, is that up until 2016, we were still located between the potting soil and forklift trucks! As our team continued to expand, we moved into a “private office” on the site of the family business. It was cosy, and little warm in the summer, however, it was a challenge to take and make phone calls over the sound of the roaring trucks going past! Our team, now a beaming 15 employees, seized each day to move a step forward and working hard. Our growth continued steadily and on 1 June 2016 we moved into our new office at the HNK in The Hague. This signified another beautiful milestone, as we were now physically our own company, and distinguishable from the grass roots of the family business from where we began.

2012: Cloud solution

In the spring of 2012 we started developing our cloud solution, and went live on 1 January 2013. With a simple and transparent pricing model, in the form of a monthly subscription that could be cancelled on a monthly basis, we removed the initial investment for the customer. In addition, we could implement software improvements much quicker and easier and the implementation time was reduced to around 2 hours. At the end of 2014 we stopped our SharePoint activities and the focus entirely shifted to offering digital invoice processing in the cloud. We turned the business model from OnPremise projects with a one-off investment and associated maintenance contract to a SaaS model where customers could take out a subscription for use of the Blue10 service, which also changed the revenue stream.

2011: Focus

At the beginning of 2011 we realize that this is no longer sustainable and certainly not scalable: "We are going to focus more." We stop with tailor-made solutions and transfer the Business Intelligence activities to another organization. We will fully focus on document storage and processing using SharePoint and Invoice Management. However, we see that the need for our solution is there, but the then high investment costs caused organizations to postpone the decision. In addition, we see a long-term and intensive sales process on our side and a costly and non-scalable implementation process. That should be easier ...

2010: First milestone

We reached our first milestone on 1 January 2010; securing our first external customer; a tomato farm. We are happy and proud that they still use our solution today! The commercial activities of Blue10 started in the summer of 2010; with a healthy dose of guts we took to the streets and soon more customers followed. Our product portfolio emerged as three solutions: Business Intelligence for Navision, Sharepoint and a product for the digital processing of invoices, which we then called Invoice Management. As a young software company, we were always asked if we could not "make something for ...", which often meant a tailor-made question. The customer asked and we made it, we were really a ‘one in a million’ software company.

2008: Establishment of Blue10

After the solution had been successfully implemented by the family business, there was a growing interest from other organizations also looking to utilize the solution in order to digitalize the processing of their invoices. Therefore, at the end of 2008, the family business decided to gradually separate its IT activities into a separate company and Blue10 was established.

2007: Looking for a solution

The story of Blue10 started in 2007 at a family business that was looking for a solution to digitally process around 30,000 invoices per year. After a long search, they found that no solution existed that could sufficiently meet the wishes they had: a simple, user-friendly, practically applicable and of course affordable. No strange demands actually, we still hear them today. With the company's developers already present, they decided to develop a solution themselves and implement it within the organization.
What we stand for

Our core values

Our core values ​​represent everything we consider important. What is unmistakably Blue10 and what we do differently from others. They label our working method and give direction to our actions. These are values ​​that seem self-evident to us, but the combination of these elements together makes them unique and truly Blue10.


Blue10 is approachable and is always open to feedback. This feedback is used to take a step forward every day. We are open in our communication and we find transparency important in everything we do. We do not promise things that we cannot deliver and do not make things more beautiful than they are.


At Blue10 we know what we want and we believe in our own cause, even though it differs from what people are used to. We look around, but do not allow ourselves to be guided by what is normally thought of. Being quirky and unique is not a goal in itself; we just notice that we often view things differently and do things differently than others.


Blue10 develops practical solutions for complex processes, based on the idea that everything must be simple. Childishly simple. Both for our users and for ourselves. Blue10 does not work according to five-year plans and detailed strategies. This has made Blue10 what it is today. By continuously adapting ourselves to changing circumstances, we take a step forward every day to realize our dream.


Blue10 is entrepreneurial, follows new developments and identifies opportunities for itself and its users. We go off the beaten track, and move beyond to inspire and motivate innovative thinking and doing. Working hard and having fun go very well together at Blue10. This combination creates an open working atmosphere in which we are always honest with each other. This keeps us focused, ensures that we turn words into action and motivates us to go for the highest achievable every day. Our goal is to exceed expectations, every day, in everything we do.

Grow together?

Blue10 continues to grow and that is why we are constantly looking for new Blue10 employees. You can find an up-to-date list of our vacancies on our job page