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The choice ultimately fell in favour of Blue10 because they are well priced and easy to use.

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Grow Group has been a specialist for over 50 years in growing vegetable plants under glasshouses and in open ground. In addition, they are a driven and reliable partner in organic plants and ornamental plant products. Thanks to years of experience and the expertise of its employees, Grow Group is one of the most important players in national and international plant cultivation. We asked Grow Group about their experiences with Blue10.

How did the invoice processing process work with you in the past?

‘Production at multiple locations requires more attention for internal communication, for example in the administrative handling of purchases. Previously, invoices were printed out and then faxed to the various locations, a very error-prone and time-consuming process. In the search for a more efficient way to handle purchase invoices from the different locations, we came into contact with Blue10.’

Why did you choose Blue10?

‘During our search for a solution, we also looked at other companies and compared the solutions with each other. It soon became clear that Blue10 is cheaper and a more user-friendly solution than many other parties. The choice ultimately fell in favour of Blue10 because they are well priced and easy to use.’

What are the major benefits of working with Blue10?

‘Thanks to Blue10 we never lose invoices and it is always clear where an invoice is, who is responsible for it and what still needs to be done with it. From my role as a controller there is also a big additional benefit. I can now literally check every purchase invoice with two mouse clicks and that works very well.’

How do colleagues respond to the use of Blue10?

‘Within one and a half days we were able to get started with Blue10. The implementation went well and quickly. Everyone within the company responded enthusiastically and could quickly get used to it. Colleagues now also had to create purchase orders, which felt like extra work in the beginning. However, it soon became apparent that working with purchase orders facilitates invoice verification. Colleagues are enthusiastic because the process is much smoother. We used to have working agreements about how to handle paper invoices. The agreement was that the invoices always had to spend the night in a post box in the finance department, they were not allowed to roam within an organization.’

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