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With Blue10 I have seen that the control of invoices has improved considerably.

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NL Jobs is a temporary employment agency with its head office in the Westland region, having various recruitment offices in Poland and one in Latvia. NL Jobs has a beautiful and special history and was founded in 2002 on the initiative of a number of entrepreneurs. They were confronted with spikes in demand for labour and have sought a reliable solution. This gave rise to the idea of establishing NL Jobs. In the meantime, the company has grown considerably and has many years of experience in sending Polish and Latvian employees into the greenhouse horticulture, industry and food sectors in North Holland, South Holland and Zeeland.

As a temporary employment agency, NL Jobs must on the one hand meet many conditions and have various certifications. On the other hand, the company must work as efficiently as possible. One of the steps that NL Jobs has taken to work more efficiently within the organization is the digital processing of the 5,000 incoming invoices per year in combination with Exact Globe. We have asked a number of Blue10 users at NL Jobs about their experience with Blue10.

What has improved compared to the earlier process?

René Westerbaan, head of financial administration and closely involved in the implementation of Blue10, talks about the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ working method: ‘In the past it sometimes happened that invoices were difficult to find and sometimes even lost during the process. With the help of Blue10, budget holders have various options for processing invoices. They can ask colleagues additional questions, approve invoices or, for example, put an invoice on hold because they have to wait for a credit note. In the past, invoices were sometimes lost during the last promotion. The invoice was taken from the folder by a budget holder and then remained on a desk. If a supplier subsequently contacted us, we had to find out internally who had the invoice and why it had not yet been approved. Fortunately, with the help of Blue10 this is a thing of the past and we can provide suppliers with direct answers to their questions.’

What are the benefits of Blue10 in combination with Exact Globe?

Invoices are recorded faster and more carefully with the help of Blue10 in the financial administration of Exact Globe. Ron Stoopendaal, controller at NL Jobs, talks about optimizing the financial administration: ‘By scanning invoices immediately after arrival, the invoice is recorded in our administration and invoices are no longer lost. In addition, we have chosen to post every invoice in Exact Globe immediately after scanning. Invoices for which the coding is unknown, are first sent to the organization to get the correct coding from a budget holder. By booking as many invoices as possible immediately upon receipt, the figures are very up-to-date and, moreover, the quick booking of invoices is very beneficial for VAT recovery.’

What is the great advantage of Blue10?

A major advantage is that the control of invoices within the organization has improved. Jeroen van Leeuwen, director of NL Jobs explains: ‘I think every organization must recognize that the paper approval of invoices is not always careful. You have a whole stack and you cannot and do not want to search for the previous invoices for comparing prices. That takes too much time and then you approve more based on feeling, especially if the packing slip is missing. With Blue10 I have seen that the control of invoices has improved considerably. With access to the system, it is very easy for everyone to consult their own archive of older “previously seen” invoices. We notice that people now regularly look back at previous invoices to compare prices. This has improved the invoice control and that is of course only good.’

How did you experience the start-up?

NL Jobs has been working with Blue10 for two years and is still very pleased with the rapid implementation. Ron Stoopendaal tells about the implementation of Blue10: ‘Once we had made the choice to work with Blue10, things went fast. We briefly went through what we could expect from each other during the implementation and then we got to work as quickly as possible. The implementation, both installations and training, was then completed within two days and from that moment on we were immediately able to use the system independently. We really enjoyed this quick implementation!’

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