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Summa is an investment company that focuses on the exploitation of (mainly) commercial real estate. Over the years, Summa has built up a varied portfolio that largely extends into the Netherlands and Belgium. The portfolio consists of retail properties, business premises, offices and homes with the focus on commercial real estate.

Since December 2013, Summa has started digitally processing purchase invoices using Blue10. Summa processes around 6,000 invoices on an annual basis for around 30 different companies in combination with MS Dynamics NAV (Navision). Natascha de Schrijver, financial manager at Summa, is happy to explain why she was quickly convinced of Blue10.

How did you process your invoices in the past?

‘Invoices come to us at the two locations and they are booked directly there. Often the invoices still had to go to another location for checking and / or approval. In the past, invoices were sent by mail or scanned and mailed to another location to obtain the desired approval. The invoices that came in by e-mail were printed and the invoices that came in by post were copied and then all invoices were physically stored (again). The purpose of this was a complete archive at both locations.’

Why did you choose Blue10?

‘When I first saw Blue10, I was quickly convinced. I have also seen a different system, but the simplicity and user-friendliness of Blue10 appealed to me immediately. In practice, this has actually been proved, because it has been adopted very quickly within our organization. By working with Blue10 we now no longer perform duplicate actions, everyone can call up invoices and the entire process runs more smoothly and much faster.’

How did the start-up go?

‘The start-up and installation went very smoothly. After we received an afternoon explanation and training from Blue10, we continued to create the different companies and users ourselves. Then we immediately started to scan invoices. The use of the software speaks for itself and is very user-friendly. As a result, Blue10 is also quickly accepted within the organization.’

What is it like, working with Blue10?

‘Since December 2013 we have started digitally processing purchase invoices using Blue10. The process for that period took a lot of time and money, certainly if you compare it with our current method. With the help of Blue10 we have realized a considerable time and money saving. Invoices no longer have to be sent by post, are no longer printed or copied and are available to everyone, always and everywhere, despite the fact that invoices have to be approved at different locations.’

What are the major benefits of working with Blue10?

‘With the help of Blue10 we are not dependent on whether someone is present on location or not. Users can easily log in remotely and check or approve invoices from anywhere. It used to happen that sometimes we had to wait two to three weeks before an invoice was approved. Fortunately this is a thing of the past.’

How do colleagues respond to the use of Blue10?

The first week, employees were notified that they had to switch. They no longer held the invoice physically, but received it digitally on the screen to check and approve. After working with Blue10 for one or two weeks, I noticed that this was already fully integrated into the working methods of employees and that people experienced the great benefits.

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