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According to CHDR, the implementation of Blue10 is quite simple.

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The Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR) is an independent organization specialising in ultra-modern clinical drug research from an early stage of diagnosis. CHDR maximises the success of their clients, through a combination of innovative methods, technologies, state-of-the-art facilities, and a wealth of talented and motivated researchers. Their interest in innovation and development has led them to choosing Blue 10, to further optimise their financial processes.

The old way of working
Bart, the financial director at CHDR, reflects on how things worked in the past: ‘ Approximately 5,000 invoices per year came through in different ways,  via mail and e-mail, and from various departments and officials. They all had to be processed manually by the creditors administration. We have quite a few departments, where the employees previously had their own way of delivering and processing purchase invoices. I managed this for a while, but at a certain point I wanted to have something like Blue10, so that the processes could become more efficient and uniform. ‘ 

Staff are paramount
Last year CHDR started with the digital processing of purchase invoices. However it was a delayed choice.  

Bart recalls: “We were already aware that  digital solutions such as Blue10 existed, but when I first came on board four years ago, the primary employee within the creditors administrations department was about to retire.” CHDR has a culture that focuses on people and are oriented towards their employees satisfaction and wellbeing. They decided not to implement any new changes at the time , so as to not increase the workload of the employee who was about to retire. Instead, it was agreed that her successor would take on the new system and tools.  

It was then that Bart started his search: “We looked at multiple options. I was a registered accountant,  so I have a wide network of financial professionals that I could look to for advice and compare the solutions that were available out there. My main criteria for a new system, apart from the ability to link  it with our accounting system,  was that I was looking for an authorization tool in a system that could block the payment of an invoice until it was approved by a designated person within the organisation that held that responsibility.  That the solution is web-based was also a must, as we have a lot of people who are on the road or traveling on a regular basis. Having an internet connection enables them to work from anywhere.” 

Blue10 jumped at the opportunity to addressed the needs of CHDR, and subsequently an implementation of the Blue 10 system was planned.  

Simple start up
The implementation of Blue10 at CHDR was quite simple, says Bart. ‘The only technical thing was that our colleague from the ICT had to’ open ‘a gate so that Blue10 could make a link with our accounting system. That was not so complicated.’  

In the beginning, CHDR employees had to contact Blue 10 service desk with minor questions and these were followed up quickly. ‘After the initial start, we did not have to contact the Blue 10 support team, which we took as a good sign!’, Bart amuses.  

CHDR employees were able to get started quickly with Blue10. Bart explains, ‘We have a small accounts payable administration. So the number of people that needed user training was minimal. Also for the people who were responsible for authorising invoices, it was easy. It took some getting used to, but it all works pretty smoothly and its simple. My colleagues are all positive! The individual and separate ways of processing  invoices manually within the various departments have all disappeared, now everyone works digitally and in a uniform manner.’  

More control and peace of mind 

One of the most important advantages for Bart is the overview he now has. With Blue10, Bart has one central place where he can readily access and gain an instant overview of where an invoice is, where all invoices come from, where they have to go and how many there are.  ‘Previously, I had no idea how many invoices floated through the office. There was no clear process for booking purchase invoices. Blue10 gives me control and peace of mind, in the sense that I know that only invoices that are authorized are paid.’ 

Invoices are automatically blocked for payment and only after the authorization process has taken place are they paid through the accounting system Accountview. 

Except for a handful of CHDR suppliers, most of them deliver their  invoices digitally via the e-mail address linked to Blue10. Bart comments on this, ‘For regular creditors this is not an issue, however, for some new creditors who are not used to this, we still have to explain the process.’ 

Bart elaborates on the benefits of Blue 10. ‘With the digital archive function of Blue10,  the need for storing hard copy folders has been made redundant.  To be vigilant,  we download all invoices from Blue10 every quarter. The fact that everything is digital now, saves me signing a large stack of invoices with a payment advice list every week. Looking at all the benefits, I would definitely recommend Blue10! ‘ 

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