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AWL is a leading industry specialist in building state-of-the art automated welding machines for the automotive industry where high volumes, speed and quality are essential. The company has locations based in The Netherlands, the Czech Republic and China, employing a highly skilled and dedicated team of 250 personnel. In recent years, the company has grown by partnering up with several other companies. This growth has resulted in an increase of the number of purchase invoices to 12,000 per year that need to be processed effectively.

Due to this exponential growth, AWL quickly realised that all incoming invoices could be processed more efficiently by digitizing the administration process. At the time, invoices were copied and/or printed manually and then distributed within the organization for approval. Once approval was given, the invoices where then posted in Dynamics NAV. AWL found that this process was time consuming and prone to errors. They wanted to address this issue and improve the working practices. Thankfully a solution was at hand, they started using Blue10’s Invoice Management as of the 1st of January 2013.

In consultation with the Blue10 team, a number of key objectives were established , and how by implementing Blue10 these objectives could be met.

  • More insight in the invoice flow
  • Reduction of manual operation
  • Digital approval and retrieval of invoices
  • Automated purchase order matching with MS Dynamics NAV
  • More insight in the Accounts Payable process

AWL: ‘We wanted to gain more insight into the status of our purchase invoices. Our difficulty, prior to using Blue10, was to track any specific invoice within the organization and to check its status, i.e. whether  it was approved or not. Once invoices became digitalised using Blue10, the system provided us a digital audit trail so we could trace a specific invoice and its status. Using Blue10, we gained an instant overview of our entire Accounts Payable process, totally transforming our efficiently in the financial and administration processing of invoices.’

Herewith our first hand reviews of working with Blue10.

Faster processing of Invoices – submitted by Moniek Nieuwenhuizen, Financial Controller at AWL.
Using the Blue10 workflow, invoices can be circulated, approved and retrieved onscreen. Incoming invoices are scanned daily. After an automatic registration in Dynamics NAV, the invoice is automatically forwarded to the responsible employee. A notification e-mail is sent to the user informing him of the invoices awaiting approval. The retrieval of previously processed invoices is very simple. The user can search for invoices using various characteristics and the invoice can then be opened instantly from the digital archive. These changes have increased the lead-time of the approval process significantly.

Matching invoices with purchase orders – submitted by Dirk Everaarts, Logistics Manager at AWL.
Most invoices received by AWL are related to previously created purchase orders. Blue10 provides the ability to match these invoices with the corresponding purchase orders and post the invoice directly in Dynamics NAV. If the incoming invoice matches with the purchase order, the receipts are automatically retrieved and the invoice is posted automatically in Dynamics NAV. If there is no match between the invoice and the purchase order, the invoice is sent to the responsible purchaser. In this way, our buyers are more aware of the value of maintaining a proper record of purchase commitments and maintaining master data, such as product prices. Well-registered purchase orders prevents manual corrections when the purchase invoice is received.

Blue10 side-by-side with MS Dynamics NAV- submitted by Moniek Nieuwenhuizen, Financial Controller at AWL.
A key advantage we found using the Blue10 system, is that Blue10 is web-based, and so strong integration link with Dynamics NAV can be made. We can use Blue10 side-by-side (in conjunction) with Dynamics NAV. In our company, several people are involved in the processing and approval of purchase invoices. We wanted to give these people access to the system, but with different roles. Blue10 provides this opportunity, and we can also create an unlimited number of companies and users within the system. Another big advantage is that this enables all employees to access the system without licensing issues. Because Blue10 is installed as a separate solution that integrates with Dynamics NAV, no additional user licenses are required for Dynamics NAV thus keeping our operation costs low.

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