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Bukom was founded in 1980 as a one man, one machine business. Since then, Bukom has grown into a modern and innovative company that specializes in industrial cleaning, transportation, processing of industrial waste and the recycling of vegetable oil and fats. Bukom has three branches in total with the head office located in Heerhugowaard. The Netherlands. Every day, teams of 25 men are active throughout Europe and the Middle East, equipped with a modern vacuum and high-pressure vehicles. Bukom works with the online accounting package iMUIS and processes around 12,000 purchase invoices per year. We asked Eric de Lange, Finance Manager at Bukom Group, about his experience with Blue10.

How did you previously process your invoices?
‘When I joined Bukom, a year and a half ago, as the new Finance Manager, I found that purchase invoices roamed around the building and moved from one desk to another. As a result, invoices were regularly misplaced or it was impossible to determine the status of an invoice whenever a creditor would call to follow up on their invoice. Given the fact that we also manage some other 20 limited companies in addition to the administration of Bukom, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes.’

Why did you choose Blue10?
‘When we decided to digitize the incoming invoice stream, we went in search of various suppliers who could help us with this. Through Mouse software we came into contact with Blue10. The enthusiasm of this young, growing company was evident from the first presentation, whereby the system was clear and well-organized. We also spoke to other companies, but the enthusiasm of Blue10 stayed with us the most. Another attribute that influenced our decision to go with Blue 10 is that in our experience, a young, growing company like Blue 10, are dedicated to their customers and will work a bit harder. They understand that it is about mutual satisfaction.’

How did you experience the start-up process?
‘The implementation of Blue10 went very smoothly. Beforehand it had already been established by the Blue 10 team that not much training would be needed. This was indeed the case. To test and start slowly, we began with implementing the administration of just one company. Of course it was a matter for the employees to get used to the new procedures and processes, but as soon as they got a handle on it, everyone saw the benefits of the new system. Whenever we had questions about the use or about things that were unclear, the Blue10 support team were available to talk to us and help immediately or to remotely adjust something. Within a few days, working with Blue10 was self-evident and the other companies under our umbrella also switched to this new way of working. ‘

Working with Blue 10, how’s it going?
‘We are now used to working with Blue10 within the organization and fortunately more and more suppliers are sending their invoices digitally. This saves us a lot of work at the reception end. Invoices now come in by e-mail and appear automatically at the desk/computer of the employee responsible for a particular company. This employee then validates and codes the invoice after which he or she forwards the invoice directly to the manager responsible for approval. In turn, the manager approves the invoice, making it payable, or escalates it to higher management should the amount payable be over his/her approval limit.

Working with Blue10 enables us to have a much better insight into the invoice flow. Invoices can be booked earlier, so that financial reports can now be delivered sooner and as a result we know where the workload is within our organization. All in all, we could no longer to do without it! ”

What are the major benefits of working with Blue10?
‘There are many advantages to working with Blue10. Invoices are directly and digitally in our possession, because suppliers now mail them to the e-mail address, whereas in the past, paper invoices sometimes ended up at a different business location. In addition, invoices are easy to trace and it is now absolutely clear where an invoice is in the process. You can pull up an invoice on your screen within a minute, so if any questions arise from the accountants, suppliers or other colleagues, you can easily trace a specific invoice and have a look at it.

Blue10 also gives us clarity in the workload of certain employees, which can then be adjusted if necessary. By processing invoices digitally and approaching suppliers to deliver invoices digitally, the number of invoices received by mail decreases. This has considerably reduced the workload at the reception desk, as they no longer have to manually open envelops and scan the invoices. ‘

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