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Kotra Logistics Group is the parent company of five separate transport companies. The group has three branches in the Netherlands and two in Denmark. One of the companies in the Van Maanen Koeltransport group is located in IJmuiden. However, the administration of this company is conducted in Oostburg. Since 90% of the invoices do have to be approved in IJmuiden, invoices were sent back and forth between both locations.

In order to simplify the administrative process and to handle the approximately 5,000 purchase invoices faster and better, the Kotra Logistics Group has opted to process the invoices for both Van Maanen Koeltransport and Kotra Wagenparkbeheer digitally with Blue10 and subsequently to book these invoices in Unit 4 Multivers. 

 Working with Blue10, how’s it going?
Peter de Zeeuw, system manager of the Kotra Logistics Group,  reflects on the ease of working with Blue10: ‘All invoices come in by post or e-mail in Oostburg and are scanned here. Through the automatic application of invoice recognition, relevant invoice data are automatically recognized from an invoice. The invoice then enters the Blue10 workflow and the invoice is posted in Unit 4 Multivers. After the invoice is booked in Unit 4 Multivers, it is digitally forwarded to the responsible persons in IJmuiden to obtain the desired approval. After the entire process of booking and approving, the invoice is always available in the Blue10 digital archive. ‘ 

What has improved compared to the earlier process?
At the start of the implementation for digital invoice processing in combination with Unit 4 Multivers, Blue10 and the Kotra Logistics Group had set a number of objectives. For example, Blue10 had to reduce the number of risks involved in the processing of purchase invoices, the incoming digital (especially PDF) invoices should be processed immediately (no longer printed out) and simplify the retrieval of purchase invoices. ‘The above objectives have been realized within a very short timeframe. The implementation was complete in a few days, with an internal lead time of four to five weeks, “says Peter. ‘Invoices will never be lost between the different locations and the number of risks has been reduced considerably. Invoices received by e-mail can be read directly into the invoice recognition program with the Blue10 e-mail importer. As a result, digitally sending and receiving invoices only has real added value for both the sender and the recipient. ‘ 

What are the major benefits of Blue10?
‘Blue10 has made our processes much clearer and insightful. The invoice and the history with this invoice are digitally linked to each other and this makes the status of an invoice clear to everyone. Moreover, it does not matter at which location we are present. Blue10 is installed within our own network, enabling us to view invoices at every location. This is very valuable to us.’ 

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