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U advisors & accountants (formerly known as deWaardKramer advisors and accountants) is a tax advice and accountancy firm based in Leidschendam. Since May 2013 U and Blue10 have been working together. Michiel Schokker, who works for U, enthusiastically explains how U can offer her customers a total solution with the help of Blue10, Exact Online and Visionplanner.

Why did you choose Blue10?

‘We came into contact with Blue10 for the first time in 2013 thanks to a new customer who came to us. This customer wanted to work with us, although that was under one condition; he wanted to continue working with Blue10. In retrospect, we are very happy with his condition, because thanks to this customer we came into contact with Blue10. We immediately saw that digital processing of invoices using Blue10 offers added value for our customers’

How does Blue10 contribute to the changing role of the accountant?
‘The market in which we are active as an accounting firm is changing and with it our role as an accountant is shifting. Clients are increasingly carrying out administrative work themselves and many activities are increasingly being taken over by far-reaching automation. As a result, our processing role is increasingly shifting to an advisory role. Thanks to Blue10, administrative, processing operations are becoming easier and we can focus more and more on advising clients. In this way we distinguish ourselves from other offices and we can continue to meet the changing needs of our customers’

What is it like, working with Blue10?
‘Blue10 has a flexible set-up, whereby the workflow from receipt to archiving of invoices can be set up according to the wishes of the customer. For every customer who starts digitally processing thier invoices, we create a customised Blue10 environment. Depending on the customer’s invoice processing process, this is then set up. The design can vary from just scanning, only digitally approving invoices up to and including a completely independent process of receipt, digital control and the independent booking of invoices. In the first scenario, the customer only sends his invoices to a separate e-mail address for processing invoices. In the second scenario, invoices are digitally checked by the customer, but we take care of the booking of invoices and in the last scenario we actually only check the process, including the bookings made in Exact Online. As a customer you actually receive the invoice on a silver platter to approve it and you can access your invoices anytime and anywhere with the help of the digital archive. The big advantage for us as an office is that we are slowly but surely realizing a paperless office. In addition, we now receive a continuous stream of invoices that come in, instead of all invoices at the end of a quarter.’

What are the benefits of working with Blue10?

‘Customers are increasingly seeing the benefits of digitally processing incoming invoices. Previously we received the binders with invoices every month or quarter and these were processed. Subsequently, the customer received a report that related to the figures from almost half a year ago. Is that even possible nowadays? By digitally processing invoices, the administration is always up-to-date and, if desired, the customer receives a current report from Visionplanner every month or quarter. With Blue10 you as a company optimize the internal process. Invoices can now be checked by the right person, without the risk of losing invoices. You also no longer need to print invoices, there are no more paper invoices on desks and manual archiving of invoices by supplier name and / or voucher number is a thing of the past. We see the necessity and benefits of digitizing and we are happy to see that many clients fully agree with us’

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