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ISAE 3402 statement

Blue10 is a service organization. Our customers outsource a number of important processes to us, which means that they trust Blue10 to provide reliable services and to take the utmost care in handling their valuable data. Blue10 has implemented a wide arrange of controls to ensure this is the case.

To give our customers assurance that we effectively apply those controls in our daily practices, we provide them with an ISAE 3402 type II assurance report. ISAE 3402 is a report standard to provide assurance on controls that might have relevance for our clients’ financial reporting. The report consists of a description of our service, including the measures we have implemented regarding internal control (with a focus on information security and processing integrity). In a separate section of the report, an independent chartered IT auditor states that these controls have operated effectively during a certain period of time. This audit opinion, obviously, is only given after an in-depth annual audit to establish whether Blue10 has complied to the strict requirements we maintain regarding security, availability, and process integrity.

By definition, an ISAE 3402 type II applies to a concluded period of time. The most recent report pertains to 2023, and in this report the auditor has given an unqualified opinion: our controls have operated effectively during 2023 and the auditor has not found any exceptions or deviations. The report is available both for existing and prospective clients.

When will the 2024 report be available?

The ISAE 3402 assurance report regarding 2024 will be available in the first quarter of 2025, shortly after the audit that usually takes place in January. As soon as the report is final, there will be an announcement in our monthly newsletter.

Download report

The full ISAE 3402 Type 2 Assurance report is digitally available for (potential) customers and can be downloaded here.

The report is only available in Dutch.


If you have any questions about the ISAE 3402 Type 2 Assurance report, please send your questions to