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Digitizing the administration is also advantageous for SMEs

By 2019February 17th, 2020No Comments

Every year the European Commission conducts research into the degree of digitization of the various European countries. In 2018, it turned out that the Netherlands, in comparison with other European countries, is at the forefront of digitization. The Netherlands is in 6th place out of 28 countries and scores particularly well on business digitization. Electronic information is increasingly being shared and the use of electronic invoices is above average. However, this study shows that SMEs in the Netherlands are still lagging behind. Indeed, there is still a big difference between large and small companies.* We think this is a shame, because SMEs can also benefit through digitization.

Digitization offers opportunities

Digitization offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to work more efficiently. Consider, for example, the automation of business processes that are currently still manual, such as the processing of invoices. However, smaller companies often find this difficult and they think that a digital solution is ultimately not profitable. Of course we do not agree with this.

Blue10 as assistant

Blue10 is an example of automating business processes. This is because Blue10 is a powerful tool for making repetitive work faster, more efficient and more accurate. By automating repetitive administrative tasks, you no longer have to enter data manually. This is cost-effective, clearer, space-saving and also environmentally friendly. This makes Blue10 the optimal assistant in financial administration, thus our software aids digitization.

Also profitable for smaller companies

Many companies still think that a digital solution is not affordable or cost-effective. However, the opposite is true. A lot of money can be saved through digital administration. Employees will be able to work faster and more efficiently. In addition, there are many other financial benefits associated with the digital processing of invoices.

With Blue10 the size of a company does not matter. From small to large organizations, Blue10 is for every organization. Whether you receive many or few invoices annually, automatic processing offers benefits for every organization. We therefore offer various monthly subscriptions based on the number of invoices you process. The monthly subscription can be cancelled monthly. You can read more about this on our rates page of the website.

In short, according to the European Commission, there is still a gap between large and small companies with regard to digitization, all the while a digital solution is also available for SMEs. Blue10 can help with this and who knows, this digitization gap will become smaller in 2019.


Digitizing the administration