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Blue10 Christmas initiatives of 2021

By 2021December 24th, 2021No Comments

Team Blue10 delivers 300 Christmas gifts

December is the perfect month for companies to give business gifts as a gesture of gratitude for the pleasant cooperation in the previous year. Naturally, we are also grateful for the received trust from our clients, partners and other relations over the past year.

However, a number of years ago we opted for a social business gift. Every year we donate this to people that could really use a helping hand. For us, these gifts are not just about setting aside a budget to donate. We especially want to roll up our sleeves together with the entire team.

Last year we delivered 300 Christmas gifts to (lonely) elderly people in our region. The sincere gratitude of the people, the spontaneous conversations that arose at the door and the emotions the seemingly simple gesture evoked; it was very rewarding to see the effect of a Christmas gift.

This year, we once again wrapped 300 Christmas gifts. Every Blue10 employee picked at least five people or households that could really use a helping hand. Whether it is a lonely elderly person or someone in an unfortunate situation; we hope that we were able to give them a ray of hope with our gift with the Holidays approaching.

Sparta Youth Football Clinic for (grand)children of healthcare workers

Over the past year, many care workers have not had much time to spend with their (grand) children. They have delivered a top performance in the past year and have devoted themselves enormously to others. We would like to do something in return for this hardworking group of people. Therefore, together with Sparta Rotterdam, we are organizing a youth football clinic for (grand) children of employees in various care institutions in the Westland region. The soccer clinic will be given at the sports complex of SV Honselsersdijk and will take place in May 2022. The various care institutions have been informed about this initiative and have received the invitation. In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to inform you in our newsletters about the progress of this activity.

Why are we doing this?

At Blue10 we believe that the world becomes a little bit better when everyone does something for someone else. Whether you do something big or something small, every gesture matters. We see that in the business world it is commonplace to give Christmas gifts to each other and fair is fair, we too accept such gifts with much gratitude.

For ourselves, we just made a different choice. Besides budget, we like to roll up our sleeves and ask all Blue10 employees to do something for someone else every now and then. Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone and that can be confronting. Nevertheless, it will always be worth it. What is a small effort for us, can mean a lot for someone else.

We hope to inspire other organizations to engage in social initiatives, just like we did. Would you like to brainstorm with us about this or do you have any good ideas for us to work on? You are always welcome to visit us at the office or give us a call.