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The 6 advantages of digital invoice processing

By 2019February 17th, 2020No Comments

Do you want to save costs and time? Start by digitizing your administration. By using software for the digital processing of invoices in your accounting system, you can further streamline the administrative work process. Below we have highlighted the advantages of digital invoice processing over manual paper processing:

1) Administration is always up-to-date

With Blue10 you have insight into the invoice flow within your organization at any time and from anywhere. All incoming invoices are processed directly into your administration so that the administration is always up-to-date.

2) 24/7 access

Because Blue10 runs in the cloud, you have access to your administration anywhere, at any location and device with internet access. Do you want to check quickly whether an invoice has already been paid? Just log in to the administration and you have all the information at hand. You will never be without information again.

3) No lost invoices

Because you can always see where and with whom an invoice is located, invoices no longer get lost. Responsible parties within the organization automatically receive a notification e-mail when there are invoices that have to be checked and / or approved.

4) Digital archive

The retrieval of an invoice is often a difficult task due to the extensive paper archive. Obviously, in a digital system all invoices are always  available in the digital archive. By applying some filters you will immediately find the invoice you are looking for. You are able to answer various questions from a supplier in one call!

5) Faster processing

Digital invoices arrive at a separate e-mail address and, just like paper invoices that are scanned, are automatically read into the software. Automatic recognition (OCR) automatically identifies the most important data of the invoice, such as supplier, invoice number, date and amounts. At the same time, an automated booking proposal is made with which the invoice is processed as quickly as possible. This makes it a much more efficient task!

6) Fewer mistakes

Mistakes are regularly made because invoices are processed manually. Blue10 is a self-learning system, which means that the software will remember data for the next time, making it increasingly smarter. As you process more invoices, Blue10 will recognize more and more data and remember the next steps so that you end up saving time, on each occasion.