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Functional integration of Blue10 with FinMaster

Blue10 offers seamless integration with FinMaster that consists of:

  • Processing of paper, digital (PDF) and electronic (UBL) purchase invoices.
  • Possibility of automatically linking packing slips to purchase invoices;
  • Posting invoices and blocking and unblocking invoices for payment from Blue10 in FinMaster;
  • Exchange of master data such as creditors, payment conditions, expiry and payment data and posted invoice lines;
  • A link between the booking in FinMaster to the invoice in Blue10;
  • Flexible approval flow for sending, checking and approving invoices in the organization that runs alongside FinMaster. You do not need any additional user licenses in FinMaster to use Blue10;
  • Possibility of sending invoices based on supplier.
Want to know how Blue10 works?

How can I start with Blue10?

Blue10 uses the API to connect to FinMaster.* To use Blue10, we go through the following steps together;

  • Request the matching data from 9Knots to create a link;
  • After the link has been made, you can further link any other administrations independently;
  • If the administrations have been created, you can then link an e-mail box per administration, per document type. At this stage, you are ready to add your colleagues as a user in Blue10, so that the implementation can proceed as smoothly as possible;
  • Once these preparatory steps have been completed, we will proceed to the final step: the commissioning of Blue10. On the basis of a few invoices, as examples, we provide you with the context and explanation about the processing of these invoices and delivery notes in Blue10. The explanation is provided remotely via Teamviewer and takes approximately 1 hour.

* The costs for a possible license extension are borne by the customer

After this explanation you are completely up and running and can work independently with Blue10! Should you have any questions in the meantime, then please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support via e-mail or telephone.

Consultancy at your location?

Would you prefer a consultant on location? That’s possible! Having made the link with FinMaster, we can then go through the other steps together, in person on site.



Do you want to know more about FinMaster? Take a look at the website.

They were ahead of you:

“The digital processing of purchase invoices has made the invoice processing clearer, the processing is a lot faster and people can easily leave a message.”

Van der Voort Potplanten

“Thanks to Blue10 I spend less time processing the invoices, leaving me more time for other tasks. ”

Financial administrator
Holstein Flowers