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La Providence Foundation is a modern and independent care centre in North Limburg. La Providence offers clients accommodation, care, nursing, guidance and / or treatment. In the care and services of La Providence, customer focus, simplicity, respect and compliance with agreements are central. Since March 2015, the Foundation has been processing more than 3,000 invoices automatically with the Blue10 solution in combination with Exact Globe.

Smarter and faster processing

La Providence processed the invoices completely manually, Gaston explains about the earlier invoice processing process: ‘Previously the invoices mainly came in by mail and we processed them manually in the accounting system. Yes, we really typed the invoice data again. At one point we thought that this could be done smarter and faster.’ This was a correct observation of the healthcare institution and, partly due to the switch from one accounting system to Exact Globe, this was the time to opt for automatic invoice processing. ‘These days we receive almost all invoices in PDF files via e-mail. We have asked our suppliers if they could send their invoices to one e-mail address from now on. The invoice then automatically arrives in Blue10 where the system recognizes the most important data. This means that we immediately book the invoice in Exact Globe.’

The simplicity of the solution

The decision for the care home to adopt a system to automate the process of the invoice flow has been a well-considered one. ‘We are a relatively small organization, so a large investment is by no means an option for us. Then only a few solutions were left, including Blue10.’ After the account manager demonstration, it was clear to Gaston that Blue10 is the solution for La Providence. ‘In the end, we chose Blue10 because of the simplicity and user-friendliness of the system. We want to process an invoice quickly without having to spend a long time in the system. An example of the simplicity of the system is that after the implementation we explained the system internally and after 10 minutes people knew what to do.’

Invoices are no longer lost 
The work of the controller at La Providence has changed in a certain sense, he says: ‘The work is now much faster, whereby it is also important how you organize the workflow. In my opinion this is one of the most important points of the system.’ With the flexible workflow of Blue10 you can send invoices to various colleagues who in turn check and approve the invoice. In the history, Blue10 keeps track of everything that has been said about an invoice, what action has been taken and where the invoice is located. ‘Asking questions is very easy. I no longer have to visit a colleague within the organization and disturb his work. I now know for sure that we book all invoices and with the digital archive I am sure that they will never be lost again. This is really important to me. In the past when we lost an invoice and nobody knew where it was, the question raised always, was whether the blame lay with us or with the mail.’

Affordable price model
From people who want to automate the invoice flow, we sometimes hear that the price of the system causes doubts when choosing such a system. Gaston speaks about this: ‘I would like to remove that doubt. I think the price of Blue10 is very low. Certainly because there is no investment associated with Blue10, you earn the money back and forth. You should not only take into account the costs of “knocking in” an invoice, but also the costs of looking up an invoice in a physical archive for questions from the organization or your accountant, for example. Now you can also easily look up the invoice in the digital archive so that you never have to search the large archive folders again.’ Finally, Gaston would like to say something about the Blue10 organization itself: ‘ I think the support is very good, I am always helped quickly . Blue10 is always open for improvements. The link between Blue10 and our accounting system Exact Globe is also good. The Blue10 solution does what it does and that is the most important thing for me.’

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