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Computest is a fast-growing organization with the aim of making websites and applications work well. In small teams they can quickly respond to the needs of the customer. Computest was the first to start using the Blue10 API. In this reference we explain what the API entails and how the link was established with the Financial Force accounting system that Computest uses.

The need for digitization
Financial manager Thijs Havenaar talks about how the rapid growth of Computest led them to streamline their administrative processes: ‘A few years ago we were still here with around 40 to 50 employees. We now have about 110 employees. This increase in staff also means an increase in the administrative field and the need to digitize this process.’

The Blue10 API
Blue10 is seamlessly integrated with various large accounting systems. In addition, we have a standard API available with which it is possible to also realize a link with other systems. Computest works with Financial Force and therefore contacted Blue10 to discuss the possibilities with the Blue10 API. With the Blue10 API, Blue10 makes its application available for an external ERP / accounting system so that both systems can exchange data.

Beautiful and challenging process
The search was actually settled quickly and the setting up of the link was also easy for both sides, says Thijs: ‘Financial Force is currently still relatively unknown in The Netherlands. Previously, we already worked with Blue10 in combination with Exact Online. When we switched from Exact Online to Financial Force, there was still no standard link with Blue10 and Financial Force. We searched for what the alternatives were on the market. However, Blue10 informed us with the news that they could establish a link through the Blue10 API. We were convinced quickly and started with the creation of the link. With the knowledge from the past, we knew that Blue10 just works well. Especially because of the user-friendliness, we did not want to switch to another system at all,  as our users were already familiar with it. It was a beautiful and challenging process to go through with each other. ‘

The API, a recommendation!
Thijs would certainly recommend the Blue10 API to others: ‘For companies that want to optimize their administrative process and work with Financial Force, or another accounting package that does not yet have a link with it, I definitely recommend the Blue10 API. The link with the Blue10 API works as you might expect. We had the scoop and were the first to test with the Blue10 API. It is quite exciting, because at least in the beginning it is a matter of looking and testing from both sides. Thanks to the good support of Blue10, the link between Financial Force and Blue10 came about quickly and the start-up was relatively smooth. The speed of the system also remains the same with the Blue10 API as with the standard coupling.’

Smart tool
There are several advantages to the use of Blue10, according to Thijs: ‘The digital archive is really a solution, I can now search the invoice on the basis of various criteria. If I want to know something, for example, I type the invoice number and I immediately have the correct invoice in front of me! ‘. This way you can quickly answer questions from the supplier without having to look for the invoice in the organization. ‘Blue10 has even more strengths, one of which is the recognition of invoice data.  Due to this recognition and the good link, after booking the invoice, a booking proposal is immediately ready so that we can book the invoice from Blue10 in Financial Force. This means we no longer have to manually tap into the financial system. This saves us a lot of time.’

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