Driessen Logistics

Driessen Logistics, as a company, has over 80 years of experience in providing logistic solutions to their customers. On the company grounds of 65.000 m² they offer their customers various facilities in the area of mixing, packaging, storage and expedition. Driessen Logistics supplies products across the globe.

Since October 2014, Driessen Logistics works with Blue10. Willem van Waaijenburg, Head of Administration, talks enthusiastically about his experience with Blue10.

It had to be possible to do this much more efficiently
‘Previously, invoices were processed in a completely manual manner, it was very time consuming and unfortunately not always without problems’, says Willem. ‘Every invoice was provided with a sticker on which the coding was written by hand. To also provide the digital invoices with coding, these were printed. Subsequently, the invoices would be sent through the organisation to the person authorized to sign a specific invoice. If the invoice returned to the administration, it would be endorsed for approval in Exact Globe.’

On a yearly basis, Driessen Logistics would process approximately 10,000 invoices and the processing did not always go according to plan. ‘We struggled with the fact that the invoice processing took a long time and sometimes invoices went missing. It had to be possible to do this much more efficiently, therefore be looked for a solution to optimize of way of processing invoicing. We found this solution in Blue10 by means of the digital processing of invoices.’

Willem tells us why Driessen Logistics works with the solution of Blue10: ‘Blue10 as organisation and Blue10 as solution appealed to us immediately from the first encounter. You notice that everything runs smoothly in Blue10. I am especially satisfied with the personal approach and of course Blue10. Blue10 works in a very simple manner, looks orderly and saves us much time as an organisation, moreover you do not have any implementation costs and there is a short implementation time. Blue10 offers a solution that meets our need for an affordable price. Blue10 does not require an investment and you will be working the system in no-time.’

The immense paper archive is history
‘The implementation was finished within half an hour. After arranging our environment, within half a day all 19 companies were working with Blue10. The employees received an email with an explanation and started immediately. We did not get any questions of our employees about Blue10! This proves how easy it is.’

According to Willem there are many benefits for Driessen Logistics: ‘The main advantage is that the invoice process now runs more efficiently. From receiving an invoice to the moment of payment, it is clear where an invoice is and what its status is. Furthermore, it is an advantage that you can create an unlimited number of companies and users. Moreover, the immense paper archive is history. A digital archive saves a lot of cabinets filled with paper invoices.’

Finally there is less paperwork
Willem’s colleagues are also very positive about Blue10. ‘With Blue10, every user has the possibility to search for invoices themselves when necessary, without having to disturb a colleague or dive into the folder closet. For our employees, there finally is less paperwork. Previously, it took a lot of time to archive and forward the invoices. Now it is much easier and the staff loses less time on the processing of invoices. Within a few minutes, you can go through the whole process. This process is much more efficient and less time consuming than the previous paper invoice process.’