Portland Distribution Benelux

Portland Distribution Benelux is an intermediary between vendors and resellers in the area of ICT. The developers are constantly looking for scalable software solutions, while Portland Distribution Benelux sells these products with the resellers in the Benelux, the so-called gateway to Europe.

Since June 2014 Portland Distribution Benelux processes the invoices digitally with Blue10. Kim van Brugge, General Director, tells us why she chose Blue10.

Blue10 is exactly what we need
Kim tells about the previous, inefficient invoice process: ‘Invoices that arrives via email would be printed and collected with the postal invoices in one pile. Then these stacks of invoices would be booked. Working with all these papers was not very practical and did not meet our wishes. We have one wish and that is to grow in revenues and margins. To realise this, you have to improve processes and arrange them in a more efficient manner, without having to expand your staff. As such, you quickly end up with automation. It was clear to us that much profit is to be obtained with the invoice process. This was not arranged efficiently and is easy to automatize, but what is a suitable solution?’ Portland Distribution Benelux asked this question to their supplier of Exact Globe.

‘We had two conditions,’ says Kim, ‘and that is that the solution ca be connected to Exact and is fully available online. Of the four software packages that our supplier proposed, we chose Blue10. During the demonstration it immediately felt right. This is exactly what we need. It works in a simple manner, saves a lot of time and meets all our requirements. This positive feeling has only increased during the use of Blue10.’

You need little explanation to be able to work with the system
Kim is very satisfied about the start-up and says: ‘During the implementation I received fantastic help from Saskia. She really is amazing! Within half an hour the system was arranged and I started processing the first invoices. Blue10 is simple and easy to work with. You need little explanation to be able to work with the system.’

The staff needed some time to adjust: ‘Previously the invoice process was conducted manually and that was what the staff was used to. In the beginning the staff needed to adjust to processing invoices digitally, but this became routine for everyone very quickly. With Blue10 staff is easily able to search for invoices themselves. Copying invoices is in the past.’

Everywhere I go, I have an overview of the invoices
The digitalisation of the invoices provides many advantages for Portland Distribution Benelux: ‘The main advantage is the time savings. Furthermore, you do not need to employ extra people to copy and forward invoices. There is a lot more oversight on the invoice process. Everywhere I go, I have an overview of the invoices. Last week I was in Vienna and I was able to quickly and easily approve some invoices.’

Kim is also enthusiastic about the personal contact with Blue10: ‘The employees of Blue10 are sincerely customer friendly and think with you in a pro-active manner. Blue10 monitors the use of your subscription and makes suggestions for adjustment. If I use less invoices than my subscription, Blue10 will adjust this for me. I always receive good service from the employees and of course from Invoice Management.’